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Nicole Santos

Liberal Arts Major

Meet Nicole Santos, a liberal arts major with a passion for education and English. Born in Brazil, Nicole currently calls Sandwich home and is a student at Cape Cod Community College (4Cs). After completing her studies at 4Cs, she plans to transfer to Bridgewater State University to earn her bachelor's degree in English.

picture of student Nicole Santos

Nicole chose 4Cs as the perfect place to start her educational journey and she couldn't be happier with her decision. She loves the classes she's taking and the flexibility that her schedule provides.

One of her favorite things about her time at 4Cs is the way the teachers organize the classes and the freedom and adjustability that her schedule gives her.

Nicole has some advice for new students: "Only take on what you can truly handle. Stay on top of your work before it becomes too much, and if you see that you're too overwhelmed, it's always okay to ask for help!"

Nicole's approach to school is smart and balance, making the most of her time at 4Cs, and setting her up for success in her next steps.

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